**Please check if you have any items that have yet to be returned. Place items in the small box labeled "DONATIONS" beside the library shelves in THE LOUNGE. Thank you very much for your help.**

The catalogue has now been thoroughly pruned to make way for new items that will better suit the needs of the congregation. 


March 2017 - KPC Library Survey distributed to congregation during Worship (March 5th & 12th)

May 2017 - Library borrowing is put on hold; "DO NOT REMOVE" signs are placed.

June 2017 - All adult items on the shelves are looked at and separated into three categories: reference, remain on the shelf, and discard/book-sale item

July 2017 - All children's items on the shelves are looked at and separated into several new categories: Teaching Resources, Young Readers, Older Reader, Young Adult, Accompanied Reading, Picture Book, Old Testament Stories, New Testament Stories, Easter Stories, Biography (expect new shelf dividers in the near future)

August 2017 - Shelves are wiped. Adult items on the shelves are shuffled around. All items that are to be kept on the shelves are accounted for with an entry in the online catalogue. All items categorized as REFERENCE or DISCARD are removed from the online catalogue to provide an accurate record for patrons. All item tags are reviewed and edited for accuracy and consistency. Donations are catalogued.

September 2017 - Looking for missing items (so far, 8 have been returned!)


If you have any queries, or there is an urgent need to borrow an item, please let Irene know by clicking this link.

Within the online catalogue, feel free to look through our TAGS page or SEARCH THIS LIBRARY with keywords such as Canada, New Christian, Children, Spiritual Direction, Parenting, Mystery, etc