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This year children aged 5 to 13 are invited to join us for a four day summer camp adventure. The children will learn how the Gospel can be fun to share by taking part in the making of a youtube video that reenacts Paul’s adventures from the book of Acts: 
•    Paul and Silas witness a prison break out and save the Guard. Acts 16
•    Paul on trial for sharing the gospel - An appeal to Caesar. Acts 25
•    Paul encourages shipmates through a storm and Shipwreck - Acts 27
•    Paul Thanks God for his safe arrival at Rome - Acts 28

Each day the day camp begins at 9 am and wraps up at 4 pm. The children will be supervised by myself, the camp director plus at least two additional staff or volunteers.

Generally the flow of each day is something like this:
•    Drop off - between 8:45 and 9 am
•    Opening gathering 9 am - Led by Joan Porter
•    9:30 Crafts and games time to get to know each other
•    10:30 Break with a snack
•    10:45 - 11:45 Teaching time about the adventures of Paul 
•    Lunch (children to bring their own bagged lunch)
•    12:30 - 1:30 Applying the learning of the morning through games and adventure for making a YouTube video with Elias.
•    2 pm Trip to the park for some outdoor time, or crafts with a guest volunteer leader
•    3:00 return to the Hall  for snack time singing and closing story from the camp Chaplin (that’s me).
•    3:30 to 4 pm Day wrap up and parent pick up. 

Your minister,

Richard Watson