Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Christian marriage bears witness to the love and will of God for the whole of creation and for the social order. The marriage liturgy attempts to express, through words and actions, the church's understanding of Christian marriage.

The covenant made between a couple in marriage is private but it is also a public covenant made before God and witnesses.  It is a covenant made for the good of the natural and social order. It is a relationship rooted in faithfulness. In the marriage service, we are reminded of the faithful God who entered into covenant with a beloved people. As we celebrate, we are given a glimpse of the kingdom of God.

The worship of God is the appropriate context for a service that unites Christians in marriage.
In accordance with the policy of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Session of Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church has determined that for our congregation, marriage is a covenant between two people and, subject to this policy, is pleased to be a part of weddings on that basis. 

If you wish to have a minister other than the minister of Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church officiate at your wedding, please ask that minister to write to The Clerk of Session, Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church at the address or e-mail address in the letterhead requesting permission to use our sanctuary for your wedding. This message should be copied to the minister. Currently the minister is the Rev. Richard Watson and the Clerk of Session is Susan Stacey. This request should include a letter from the officiating minister providing information about you and your church and the date of your wedding.

The minister of Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church will be responsible for approving wedding requests after confirming the following conditions:

•    The couple is desirous of a Christian marriage service.
•    At least one person is a baptized Christian.
•    At least one person is a member of a Christian congregation and has a pastoral relationship with the minister of that congregation.
•    The couple has completed a marriage preparation course in consultation with a Christian minister.

About the music for your wedding
The music for your wedding must be sacred or classical or praise-based, not secular. You will make your own booking and payment arrangements with the musician(s). We can make suggestions if needed.
The fee for the use of the piano or organ is in the fee schedule at the end of this letter. The organ can be played only by organists who have been approved by our Session. If you are engaging the services of an organist, please submit their name and contact information to the Clerk of Session as soon as possible after your wedding request has been approved.

About photographers and videographers
A wedding is a religious ceremony and must be carried out with dignity. Please advise your photographer and/or videographer to not detract from the ceremony. Photos may be taken only during the processional, the signing of the register, and the recessional. The service may be video recorded as long as the videographer is not intrusive. There will be a Wedding Host to assist you with any questions. 

About decorations and technical services
Candles are not permitted on the pews and pew bows must not be attached with tape. Candles may be used on the Chancel table. If you wish to use tall candelabras, you must provide protection for the carpet. 
Additional sound or lighting equipment should be kept to a minimum. If needed, a Sound Technician is available for a fee. We do not offer church resources for livestreaming. If you wish to livestream your wedding, please engage the services of someone who can supply both equipment and personnel.
Rice and/or confetti are not allowed in or on the church property. If flower petals are used, you must arrange for them to be cleaned up before departing.

Venue for the reception
If you wish to use the Church Hall on our property following your wedding ceremony, please contact the Vancouver Taiwanese Presbyterian Church. Permission for the use of the Hall and the fees will be handled by the VTPC. Contact information can be obtained from the Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church office.

Fee Schedule
Deposit: 50% on booking, and balance due one month before your wedding
Cancellation fee: 50% of the amount paid

Use of Sanctuary, including a Host and a Custodian: 4 hours maximum, including rehearsal    $1,400
If extra time is needed in the sanctuary for decorating or rehearsal, the fee is $150 per hour.   
Suggested donation if Kerrisdale’s minister officiates at your wedding    $300
Use of the piano and/or organ    $100
Sound Technician (includes rehearsal)    $100
Use of Lounge    $65/hour
Use of Nursery    $35/hour

See PDF below for more information.