Welcome on Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church’s Sunday school! 

Sunday school will run from September 2016 to mid-June 2017. The classes run weekly, except for the first Sunday of each month, which is Family Sunday. On these weeks the children stay in the service with their families so that they can participate in the worship service and share in special celebrations like Holy Communion. 

Sunday school is for provided for children in Kindergarten through to Grade 7. There is a nursery available for younger children as well as a youth program for high school age students.   

The children will attend the first portion of the worship service with their families. After the opening prayers, there is a short children’s time at the front of the church led by the minister, following which the kids are dismissed as a group for Sunday school. Parents are welcome to accompany their children, however they are often just accompanied by teachers. Classes are held in the attached Lounge, where parents can pick their children up after the service. 

Sessions will generally consist of a time of singing and music, followed by a Bible lesson. There is also a short time of prayer and an opportunity for the children to give an offering. In addition to the lessons, children will participate in service projects and raising funds from the congregation for special projects (both local and abroad). At various times during the year, such as Christmas, the Sunday school may contribute a musical piece during the service. 

Our aim is to teach the main stories of the Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament) over a period of 2 to 3 years. We follow the Spark curriculum, from an established and trusted publisher. Lessons are provided for younger and older age group, dividing roughly at Grade 4, however, children are welcome to attend the group where they feel most comfortable. Our teachers all have completed criminal record checks and are trusted members of our church community.   

At the beginning of each school year we collect registration information for children attending Kerrisdale’s Sunday school. This information will be kept confidential, with only the teacher’s and ministry staff having access. The collection of information allows us to provide a safe environment for the children and aligns us with the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s Leading with Care policy.