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You may have heard the announcement on Sunday September 25th, we are looking for Elders at KPC.

Election to the eldership is the call of God, through the congregation, for service in Christ’s Church. Eldership is a spiritual office concerned with the rule and pastoral oversight of the congregation. Elders are committed Christians, in regular attendance at public worship, persons of sound judgment and upright character, and either knowledgeable or prepared to learn of the government of the church. Elders are ordained for life and elected to serve a six year term on Session.

Session has decided to add up to six (6) more elders this fall. The timeline and process follows the Book of Forms Section 132:

  • September 25th - Announcement election of elders by Ballot of Members .
  • Week of  September 25- 30th. 
    • A ballot has been prepared that consists of the names of all professing members of the congregation including elders whose term of service is complete and are eligible for re-election. Ballots distributed via Canada Post to all professing members and adherents for voting. 
    • Members shall vote for the names of those they believe should be called to the eldership. The ballot is then enclosed in a sealed envelope and the envelope is signed by the member. Ballots may be returned via mail or in person. They will be dropped into a sealed ballot box that is stored in the office. 
  • Sunday October 23rd - Ballots are to be returned on or before this date.
  • October 25th - Ballots will be opened and counted at the regular Session meeting. A list of candidates will be prepared based on suitability of the member for eldership; the number of votes each one receives; and the number of additional elders required. 
  • Week of October 25-28. The session shall approach candidates about their willingness to serve as an elder. The session will cease approaching candidates once the required number of elders is reached or the list is exhausted. 
  • Sunday October 30th - The candidates will be deemed elected as elders upon confirming their willingness to serve. An announcement will be made regarding the election results and the edict of ordination and/or admission will be read before the congregation.
  • Sunday November 20th. The day appointed for ordination. If no valid objection has been made, the moderator, proceeds to ordain the candidates to the office of ruling elder. (Elders previously ordained are not re-ordained but reaffirm their commitment and are admitted to the session.) 

If you have any questions regarding the process, would like to participate, or would like to become a professing member of KPC please get in touch with me or one of the Session Elders. May God bless all of us as we participate in this election process.

Sincerely yours,


Richard Watson 

Minister Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church.