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This book discussion group is initiated by Glen Davis,
a senior member of Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church.
Here is a sincere invitation written by Glen.
Dear friends,
I’ve heard them often – the jokes about the things we older folk can’t do anymore or about the dumb things we do; the dismissive attitude that implies we are not to be taken seriously and we can’t make any useful contribution to society; the whispered concern that we have lost interest in life and in what is going on in society and in the world. The question is, do we accept that view of ourselves?
I have been reading a book that has been so stimulating and helpful that I would like to share it with you in a discussion. It is called The Gift of Years, by one of the finest spiritual writers of our time, Joan Chittister. And it deals with what, for many of us, is a very tough question  – the question of how we live a full life in our older years. Do we accept the stereotypical, societal ideas and attitudes about folk who have left the workforce, accomplished their major goals and purposes in life, and are now in years of decline with little to add to society? 
Chittister raises all of the many dimensions of aging, both the burdens of aging and its blessings. What does life mean for me now? After all these years of work and experience, who am I, really? How do I deal with things like regret for the past, fear of the future, adjustment to change, loneliness, the future, and faith, just to mention a few?  This very readable little book offers a whole new way of living fully into the glorious opportunities of this new period of life.  
It has had a profound effect on me, not least because I found it on Joyce’s bookshelf with many phrases and ideas she highlighted. But also because the wisdom, the positive challenges and the encouragement to discover who we really are in this period of our lives have been stimulating and worth reflecting and acting upon. It would be a joy to share it with a group of friends either among KPC members or interested folk in the community. 
So this is your invitation to join a friendly discussion group this fall. How do we grow old gracefully and purposefully? Let’s discuss that together!
You would need to get a copy of the book. You could get it on  Amazon or just buy it at your local bookstore. 
We will meet once a month, and we might have to have both an evening group and a daytime group in order to meet the needs of those who wish to participate. We will likely do it in a hybrid format; i.e. both in person and on Zoom, whichever you are most comfortable with.
I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSE! Please contact me at or by phone (604-315-3349) if you have questions.