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What can I do?

A meditation from the Rev. Glen Davis, April 3, 2020

In these days of staying home and staying apart, some of us find ourselves getting bored and trying to find something interesting or useful to do. After all, you can only clean out the kitchen cupboards once! For me, I am blessed with lots to do as your Interim Moderator and, at my sons’ prodding, I have subscribed to Netflix and am deeply into episodes of The Crown!

This Sunday is the day we remember that astounding story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey with huge crowds crying out “Hosanna, hosanna! (Save us! Help us!)” It was the feast of the Passover and Jerusalem was thronged with visitors. The disciples must have wondered about this big welcome. Jesus had told them he would be killed in Jerusalem, so what does this mean? Maybe they felt some hope mixed with sadness and fear. And what did Jesus do? He gave them something to do. They had to eat the Passover meal together so he instructed them on where and how to prepare for it. It was a practical task that kept them busy for a while.

Maybe at this time you are also feeling some fear and anxiety, mixed with the hope we spoke about last week. And perhaps it would be good for us to have something useful and practical to do too. Some of you might have done what I did. I cleaned my apartment (not that anyone could come to visit!) and I stocked up on a few basic groceries. But then I asked God what I could do for others. Now, I don’t hear voices or see visions, but somehow God planted in my mind that I should make one call a day to someone who needed a friendly call, just assuring them that they are not alone. So, every morning, I sit in silence waiting for God to suggest a name to me. And what a joy that has been! I’ve had wonderful conversations with people from age 10 to 97, some that I had not thought of for a long time. Rich connections in a time of necessary isolation.

But that is not all. Jesus gave his disciples something else to do, something not so simple. During that Passover meal, he rose from the table, took a basin and towel and washed the dirty feet of his friends. They were shocked, and even horrified to receive that gentle, humble gift of service from their master. Jesus not only washed their feet, he cleansed their souls and spirits, and made them whole. And then came the bombshell. He said, “If I, your lord and master have washed your feet, so you should wash each other’s feet.” He gave them something to do; something loving and forgiving; something that would renew broken relationships and build a community of compassion.

I know this sounds a lot more difficult than making one phone call a day, but that phone call is a first step in performing a humble, loving service to another, sort of like washing their feet. And it can lead to more acts of love that can have untold results. And if you think that sounds too difficult, please hear these words from Paul, (another of my favourite bible verses), “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 You see, it is the strength that Jesus gives us that will enable us to get through these dark days. It is the strength of Jesus that will enable us to do those humble, loving acts that will bring light into the eyes and hearts of those anxious, fearful folk whom you will call this week.

So friends, look up.

Look to the light.

Love shines.

Jesus shines.

So get busy and do something. :)

In Christ’s love,