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Meditation 6 – Enjoy the Walk

Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church, May 3, 2020

Rev. Glen Davis

This week I have been drawn back to the 23rd Psalm. It might well be as familiar to you as it is to me. We hear it at funerals; we hear it in sermons; we read it when we need scriptural “comfort food”. So what more can be said about it?

Well, I often use a little devotional booklet called These Days, and this week the writer for Tuesday pointed out something from this Psalm that really spoke to me.

She said that Psalm 23 is a pilgrimage, but I had not seen it that way before. She said that we are on a walk “with the One who travels with us through green pastures to still waters”. That made me think of the long walks I take every day. I enjoy them, at least until some nutcase doesn’t bother to keep his distance! But this week I realised that there is One walking with me who is a lot closer than six feet. I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be walking through green pastures and lying beside still waters with the One who always travels with me?” Maybe, like me, you too need to have your soul and mind and spirit restored in such a calm and beautiful place.

Then the writer says that this One walks with us “through the darkest shadows of our lives.” Many people find this to be a time of dark shadows: a time of worry; a time of fear; a time of loneliness; a time of sorrow. But remember this, the Good Shepherd is with you in that valley of dark shadows.

Not only that; he provides for your needs in that valley. He prepares a feast for you – a feast for body, mind and spirit. Then he leads you out of the valley and takes you on a journey of great adventure all the way home; home to the house of the Lord where you will be at home with him until the end of your days, and even further, to the bright “forever” that awaits you.

Take heart, my friends, there is light at the end of this tunnel we are in. It is the light that shines from the face of the risen Christ. Enjoy the walk!