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MEDITATION 7, May 8, 2020

Trust doesn’t come easily

Glen Davis

I read Psalm 31 this week. And what a hodgepodge it is! I mean, it goes from a desperate cry for rescue by a man surrounded by enemies, then to confidence in God who is his rock and refuge, and then back to the misery and distress he is feeling, and then on to a strong statement of trust in the God of steadfast love. Whew! What a roller coaster ride!

It looks like David is on the brink of falling into depression but is able to step back because he remembers that God is utterly trustworthy, a God of gracious, steadfast love, so he can say trustingly, “My times are in your hand.”

Now, I doubt that many of us are experiencing the level of desperation that David was in, but more and more of our fellow Canadians are saying that their mental health has declined in the past two months. Doctors tell us that depression is on the rise. I am told that depression often includes the feeling that there is no way out of a situation and no future worth living for.

I think many of us are on that roller coaster with David, somewhere between feeling terrified by a potential sudden drop to destruction, and a calm confidence that comes with crawling slowly up the next steep hill to safety. One moment we feel that God is near and will protect us and our loved ones, and the next we are filled with anxiety and fear for the future.

In this situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, trust does not come easily. We try to trust the cautious medical advice of officials like Dr. Bonnie Henry, but then we hear about provinces and even countries who are lifting restrictions and opening the economy. We hear different advice and opinions from many sources. We get confused and wonder whom to trust.

In the bible, when God’s people looked back and remembered the many dangers from which he protected them, the many paths on which he led them, the many situations from which he rescued them, that’s what convinced them that their God could be trusted.

I need to do this. I need to think back over my life and remember the many times God has guided me and blessed me. I need to remember the unfathomable love that God has showered upon me in Jesus Christ. I need to remember his promise that he will never leave me nor forsake me. That is what helps me say deep within my heart, “This God can be trusted.”

So in this strange, unfamiliar and fearful time, let’s look back and remember, and let’s look ahead with trust in the God whose faithfulness never comes to an end. He will see us through these tough times, and he will walk with us through these dark shadows into his marvelous light.

The Easter God is with us, and we are his Easter People! Praise God.

Glen Davis