Amalgamation Future Plan

Future Plan

We have reached the point of our plan being considered and approved. The approval of the plan by the necessary bodies does not mean that the two congregations have been amalgamated—our amalgamation has been approved but has not been put into effect. Here are the next steps:

The WPG property will be put up for sale by that congregation, with assistance from the presbytery. An amalgamation date will be set in conversation between the two Sessions and the Presbytery. The WPG Session could ask the Presbytery for a service of celebration of ministry from the 12th Avenue location. The two Sessions could consider meeting together from this point on, as well as meeting separately if and when that is needed. 

On October 3, 2023, the two Sessions met together and made the following decisions regarding the oversight of the entire amalgamation process and the sale of the West Point Grey Property:

  • Appointing a new amalgamation steering committee: Helen moved and Kelly seconded a motion that we appoint the Rev. Richard Watson (moderator of Kerrisdale Session), the Rev. Dr. Glen Davis (interim moderator of the West Point Grey Session), Kelly Patrick (Clerk of WPG Session), Susan Stacey (Clerk of KPC Session), Phyllis Maclean (KPC elder) and a representative from the KPC Finance and Maintenance Committee to a new steering committee for all aspects of the amalgamation process in accordance with the Amalgamation Plan approved by Presbytery and The PCC. The motion carried. Richard will approach members of the F&M committee for a volunteer and will appoint a committee convener.
  • Appointing a property oversight committee: Kelly moved and Judy seconded a motion that the following people be invited to serve on a special committee that will oversee the sale process: Kelly Patrick (Clerk of WPG Session), Robyn Laidlaw (WPG member at large), Ian Rokeby (WPG trustee), Larry Eastwood (Presbytery treasurer), Phyllis Maclean (liaison with KPC Session), and ex officio members the Rev. Dr. Glen Davis and the Rev. Richard Watson. The motion carried. This property oversight committee will be a subcommittee of the steering committee.
  • Closing Ceremony at WPGPC: The West Point Grey representatives at the meeting agreed that they would like to make this a celebratory event to be held early in 2024 when several key leadership members return from extended stays outside of Canada.

The two new committees will replace the current Amalgamation Committee, which was struck to develop the now approved Amalgamation Plan.

The sale of the West Point Grey property is in progress. While this sale is the responsibility of the West Point Grey congregation, Kerrisdale is an interested party willing to assist in any appropriate way. We may also want to discuss what WPG wants to transfer to KPC during the sale process as we’ll need to prepare storage space (for example, records that must be kept confidential). If you have questions about this sale, please contact Rev. Watson, the Rev. Dr. Glen Davis, or Phyllis Maclean.

Our plan for 2024… 

Following the sale of the West Point Grey property, the work really begins: blending membership lists, Sessions, committees, archival records, financial resources, deciding whether to change our name, and so on. There will be congregational meetings and requests for volunteers for various needs. You will be receiving information as it becomes available, but if you have specific questions, please direct them to Rev. Watson or one of the Session members.