About Church Organization


Session is our Congregation’s Leadership Team.  It provides direction for the overall ministry of the congregation. This includes setting broad outlines for worship, Christian education, stewardship, mission and pastoral care. It consists of Ruling Elders, women and men, who have been elected by the congregation and ordained into their positions. Our minister acts as the moderator. Session also has representation at the Presbytery, the next level.

The Rev. Richard Watson is our Teaching Elder (Minister) and Moderator of our Session . Ruling Elders currently include Susan Stacey (Clerk of Session), Helen Anderson, Afonso Issa, Phyllis Maclean, Joan Porter, Krishna Rao, and Karin Terado.


If you have questions about Pastoral Care or would like to be added to a Pastoral Care district, please contact the church office kpc@telus.net or 604-261-1434.