Facility Use Memorials & Funerals

Memorials & Funerals

sanctuary for memorials


While there are no fees charged for the use of the church facility or the Memorial Garden, a donation to the church would be appreciated.  An honorarium may be provided to the Minister at the discretion of the family.

Sanctuary - by donation (suggested donation $500)
Chancel - by donation (suggested donation $200)
Minister - by donation (suggested honorarium $200) 

The fee for the Custodian is $50.
The fee for the Facility Host is $50.

Memorial Garden Service Only:
For members and adherents - by donation
For non-members approved by Session - by donation

The fee for the Facility Host is $50 for first  two hours, then $15 per hour thereafter.

 See PDF's below for more information.

Memorials & Funerals Policy
Memorials & Funerals Policy
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