Our location

Our church is located in Kerrisdale, a residential community on the west side of Vancouver. The front doors of our church open onto 41st Ave (between Trafalgar St and MacDonald St) and a laneway on the east side of the church leads to ample parking behind it.

The church is well-served by public transit. Nearby bus stop numbers are 50378 and 50292.

What to expect on Sunday

Our worship services follow a largely traditional format. We sing hymns accompanied by organ (Casavant) or grand piano. On most Sundays we hear readings from both the Old and New Testaments. During the sermon, our pastor speaks to the joys and challenges of being God’s people in Vancouver in the 21st century. In our prayers we offer God praise and thanks, and ask for guidance and strength in our day-to-day living.

On most Sundays our children participate in the first part of our service, before being dismissed for Sunday School, which is held in the church hall across the parking lot. On the first Sunday of the month (or during the summer months), the children remain with us for the entire service. On these special Sundays we make a real attempt to involve the children and to worship in ways that are more engaging for them.

Those too young for Sunday School can be left with our capable nursery attendant.

Every Sunday service ends with fellowship. Most Sundays we are invited to the lounge for refreshments, while our communion Sundays finish with a potluck meal in the church hall.

Our Family

We are an intergenerational, intercultural community that loves God and our neighbours. While our facility is large, the group that gathers most Sundays numbers around 70 or 80. This group is comprised of new immigrants and old families, students and teachers, grandparents and grandchildren. If you want to remain anonymous, to come and go unnoticed, this isn’t the place for you. If you are looking for an extended family, this may be the community you've been searching for. You will be given a warm welcome and be invited to join in whatever is happening.


A Covenant of Care for all users of Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church

Session Policy, October 22, 2014  

The primary use of our church space is for the worship of God and the nurture of Christian community. We ask all users to respect this mission. We also ask all church and community members to respect and honor each other, in every interaction, while in this place.   If you have concerns about behavior you have observed, please speak to our staff or one of our elders. The policy which governs this facility can be viewed at http://presbyterian.ca/leading-with-care/ .