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September 15, 2023

Hi, my name is Afonso and I am a leader of Around the Well, a ministry that focusses on “Building community through welcoming mutually transforming relationships”.

Starting on October 6th we are holding a weekly small group every Friday, for lunch together and a talk about mental health and spirituality on UBC campus.  The program is adapted from material for small groups from the Sanctuary Mental Health Ministry and is supported by Kerrisdale Presbyterian Church and Tenth West Side.

You are invited to join me in a pre-launch lunch to talk more about what this initiative is all about. Our friend Hellen, who lives close to the Old Barn Community center has graciously opened her house for this planning and praying time tomorrow (Friday, September 15th). Let’s meet in front of the Old Barn Community Center, in the center of the UBC campus and we can go together to her house at 12 pm.

More information, you can reach out to me by email or through WhatsApp or text messenger to 778-697-5231.

I am looking forward to having this time together.

Afonso Issa

 Around the Well